VAMPIRES 14 • Blade (1998) + Blade II (2002) + Blade: Trinity (2004)

Jordan Crucchiola returns to the podcast for an epic take on the entire Blade franchise.

We are once again blessed with culture critic, podcaster and producer Jordan Crucchiola's in-depth take on the original Marvel blockbuster, the vampire-action Blade (1998) as well as its sequels, the Guillermo del Toro-directed Blade II (2002) and attempt to reclaim the much maligned Blade: Trinity (2004).

Blade from 00:10:10
Blade II from 01:00:04
Blade: Trinity from 01:27:05

Digressions include: unimpressive Jabba the Hutt, uni butter, Scream, and our dream John Wick/Evil Soviet Ballet School spin-off.
This season is made possible with the support of Arrow Video. This week's pick is another classic 90s horror film, Candyman.

Produced and presented by Anna Bogutskaya.


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