VAMPIRES 12 • Interview with the Vampire (1994) + Queen of the Damned (2002)

A jumbo-sized discussion about one of the most influential vampire stories and its unfortunate sequel.

Part of our new series devoted to exploring the vampire in horror cinema, we go deep on two cinematic adaptations of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. 

First up, Neil Jordan's 1994 adaptation of Interview with the Vampire is a gothic masterpiece that has influenced counteless vampire films since. We also discuss its unfortunate sequel, Queen of the Damned, which came in 2007 starring Stuart Townsend as the vampire Lestat and Aaliyah as Akasha, the titular Queen of the Damned. 

Joining us in this episode is film critic Kelli Weston. We discuss the themes of Interview with the Vampire, the softboi energy of Louis, the monstrosity of Claudia the child vampire and the queer reading of the film.

Be warned: the section on Queen of the Damned includes dramatic readings of Lestat's band's lyrics.
Interview with the Vampire from 00:08:07
Queen of the Damned from 1:11:21

This season is made possible with the support of Arrow Video. This week's pick from their vast catalogue an underrated contemporary gothic horror Crimson Peak

Produced and presented by Anna Bogutskaya


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