BONUS • Interview with writer/director Laura Kirwan-Ashman (Sour Hall)

A in-depth, SPOILER-FREE interview with the writer/director of new horror audio series SOUR HALL.

A bonus episode interview with the writer/director of the queer horror audio series Sour Hall, Laura Kirwan-Ashman.

In Sour Hall, George (Lucy Fallon) inherits her family farm it's supposed to be a new start for her and her partner Ash (Pearl Mackie), an escape from the chaotic pace of Manchester life and the traumatic incident that's casting a shadow over their relationship. ... A presence haunts the farm, one that feeds on fear itself, and it's hungry

We discuss the differences of writing for screen vs for audio, the importance of sound design in horror, recording Sour Hall with binauraul technology, empathy in storytelling and the key themes of the story. 

This interview is totally SPOILER-FREE. 

Sour Hall is available now on Audible.


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