Promising Young Podcast #2 - But I'm A Nice Guy

A mini-pod dedicated to Emerald Fennell's blistering revenge fairytale, Promising Young Woman. In this episode we discuss the nice guy trope and the way the film depicts it.

Inspired by Emerald Fennell's revenge thriller Promising Young Woman, out in the UK on Sky Cinema TODAY, we present a mini-podcast dedicated to diving deep into the myriad of layers and themes of the film, written and directed by Emerald Fennell.

Writer/podcaster Jordan Crucchiola and The Final Girls co-founder Anna Bogutskaya discuss what Promising Young Woman has to say about masculinity.

We discuss the nice guy trope, meta-casting rom-com actors into predatory roles, the rom-com within the revenge film, the legacy of Seth Cohen and Xander Harris, gentle coercion and more. 

Be warned: this episode is SPOILERIFIC.

Jordan's thread collating all takes on Promising Young Woman can be found HERE

TW: sexual assault, rape, suicide


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