The Invisible Man (2020) + Interview with Leigh Whannell

A bonus episode about The Invisible Man (2020), an update on the classic H.G. Wells story with a distinctly modern twist, PLUS an interview with writer-director Leigh Whannell.

Today, we take a little detour from our series dedicated to exploring witches onscreen to bring you a bonus episode about the new film by writer-director Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious, Upgrade). 

The first part of the episode features podcaster Becky Darke (@bunnydarke) on how The Invisible Man updates a classic monster, we gush about Elisabeth Moss, and how tension is built from the first moment. The first part of the conversation will be spoiler-free and we'll make it clear when the spoiler-chat begins! 

In the second part of the episode you’ll hear my interview with writer-director Leigh Whannell. You can skip to that at 0:46:50 

The Invisible Man is released in UK cinemas on Friday 28 February.


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