The Woods (2006) with Louise Blain

Anna is joined by presenter, producer and podcaster Louise Blain for a deep dive into Lucky McKee's The Woods (2006), an atmospheric horror about a girls boarding school.

Set in 1965, rebellious teenage Heather (Agnes Bruckner) is sent to a remote all-girls boarding school by her resigned parents, where she has strange, violent dreams and struggles to fit into the school power dynamics. Very soon, she starts suspecting that the teachers, led by the chilly Mrs. Traverse (Patricia Clarkson) might be hiding something. Directed by Lucky McKee, the mind behind such horror cult classics as May and All Cheerleaders Die, this is a witch film big on atmosphere. 

I’m joined in this episode by producer, presenter and podcaster Louise Blain, host of the Killt Podcast. We talk about the atmosphere of the film, the power dynamics of boardings schools, all-female environments and a lot about Bruce Campbell.


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