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VAMPIRES 06 • The Addiction (1995)

We celebrate 25 years of Abel Ferrara's philosophical take on the vampire with a deep dive into his film The Addiction.

VAMPIRES 05 • Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971) + Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

Two 1970s gemes: an eerie take on the vampire and Jess Franco's ode to tits and fangs.

VAMPIRES 04 • Blacula (1972) + Ganja & Hess (1973)

In today’s episode, we’re diving into two very different 1970s films that center Black vampires.

BONUS • Possessor (2020)

A deep dive (spoiler-free and spoilerific) into Possessor.

BONUS • Interview with Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor)

A spoiler-free conversation with the writer/director of Possessor, Brandon Cronenberg.

VAMPIRES 03 • Daughters of Darkness (1971) + The Blood Spattered Bride (1972)

A deep dive into two stellar 70s lesbian vampire horror gems.

VAMPIRES 02 • Nosferatu (1922) + Nosferatu, the Vampyre (1979)

A deep dive into the beauty and influence of the original screen vampires, F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu, and the 1970s reimagining by Werner Herzog.

VAMPIRES 01 • Dracula (1931) + Horror of Dracula (1958) + Dracula (1979)

Kicking off our series on vampires, we dive into a Dracula triple-bill.

Introducing... Vampires

Introducing our new series exploring the vampire in horror cinema.

BONUS • Relic (2020)

A in-depth discussion about the dementia horror, Relic.

BONUS • His House (2020)

An in depth discussion about the highly original haunted house horror, His House.

BONUS • The Craft: Legacy (2020)

An in depth, and savage, discussion about The Craft Legacy.

FEMALE MONSTERS 21 • The Lure (2015) + The Siren (2019)

The final episode of this series dives deep into a killer mermaid double-bill.

FEMALE MONSTERS 20 • Raw (2016)

Sexy French cannibals, discussed in depth.

FEMALE MONSTERS 19 • The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

A deep dive into the low budget but big concept British zombie film.

BONUS • Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

A deep dive into the most anticipated horror series of the year, Mike Flanagan's follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House.

BONUS • Saint Maud (2020) + Interview with Rose Glass & Morfydd Clark

A deep dive (spoiler-free and spoilerific) into Saint Maud AND an interview with writer-director Rose Glass and actor Morfydd Clark.

FEMALE MONSTERS 18 • Bride of Chucky (1998) + Annabelle (2014)

An ode to goth style icon Tiffany from Bride of Chucky and a debate on what makes dolls so creepy.

FEMALE MONSTERS 17 • Splice (2009) + Under the Skin (2013)

A journey from the penis-poop monsters of Splice to the most devastating alien you'll meet in Under the Skin.

FEMALE MONSTERS 16 • Jennifer's Body (2009) + All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

A blessed in depth exploration of two classics of the murder cheerleader canon: Karyn Kusama-Diablo Cody's Jennifer's Body and Lucky McKee's All Cheerleader's Die.

BONUS • Ratched (2020)

A bonus episode (spoiler-free and spoiler-ific) covering the new Netflix series Ratched, starring Sarah Paulson as a monster in the making.

FEMALE MONSTERS 15 • Teeth (2007)

An episode full of dick jokes, WAP puns and some serious discussion about the vagina dentata themed horror-comedy.

FEMALE MONSTERS 14 • Trouble Every Day (2001)

A deep dive into the controversial cannibal erotic horror by Claire Denis, with a stunning performance by Béatrice Dalle.

BONUS • Koko-Di, Koko-Da + Interview with Johannes Nyholm

A bonus episode discussing the new, nightmarish film Koko-di, Koko-da. PLUS an interview with writer-director Johannes Nyholm.

FEMALE MONSTERS 13 • Ginger Snaps (2000)

One of the best werewolf horror movies ever turns 20 this year. We're joined by The Faculty of Horror's Alexandra West to unpack it.

FEMALE MONSTERS 12 • Ju-On: The Curse (2000) + The Ring (2002)

We discuss the films (and monsters) that set off two massive horror trends: Ju-On and The Ring.

FEMALE MONSTERS 11 • Species (1995) + The Faculty (1998)

A deep-dive into Species (1993) and The Faculty (1998). AKA, lady aliens from the nineties.

FEMALE MONSTERS 10 • Bride of Re-Animator (1990) + Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

A deep dive into a lady zombie double bill of Brian Yuzna-directed gore: Bride of Re-Animator (1990) and Return of the Living Dead III (1993).

FEMALE MONSTERS 09 • The Bride (1985) + Frankenhooker (1990)

A mad double-bill of female reimagings of Frankenstein: The Bride (1985) and Frankehooker (1990).

FEMALE MONSTERS 08 • Aliens (1986)

We deep-dive into Aliens (1986), one of the most acclaimed and beloved sci-fi horror films of all-time.

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