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Bride of Chucky (1998) + Annabelle (2014)

An ode to goth style icon Tiffany from Bride of Chucky and a debate on what makes dolls so creepy.

Splice (2009) + Under the Skin (2013)

A journey from the penis-poop monsters of Splice to the most devastating alien you'll meet in Under the Skin.

Jennifer's Body (2009) + All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

A blessed in depth exploration of two classics of the murder cheerleader canon: Karyn Kusama-Diablo Cody's Jennifer's Body and Lucky McKee's All Cheerleader's Die.

Ratched (2020)

A bonus episode (spoiler-free and spoiler-ific) covering the new Netflix series Ratched, starring Sarah Paulson as a monster in the making.

Teeth (2007)

An episode full of dick jokes, WAP puns and some serious discussion about the vagina dentata themed horror-comedy.

Trouble Every Day (2001)

A deep dive into the controversial cannibal erotic horror by Claire Denis, with a stunning performance by Béatrice Dalle.

Koko-Di, Koko-Da + Interview with Johannes Nyholm

A bonus episode discussing the new, nightmarish film Koko-di, Koko-da. PLUS an interview with writer-director Johannes Nyholm.

Ginger Snaps (2000)

One of the best werewolf horror movies ever turns 20 this year. We're joined by The Faculty of Horror's Alexandra West to unpack it.

Ju-On: The Curse (2000) + The Ring (2002)

We discuss the films (and monsters) that set off two massive horror trends: Ju-On and The Ring.

Species (1995) + The Faculty (1998)

A deep-dive into Species (1993) and The Faculty (1998). AKA, lady aliens from the nineties.

Bride of Re-Animator (1990) + Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

A deep dive into a lady zombie double bill of Brian Yuzna-directed gore: Bride of Re-Animator (1990) and Return of the Living Dead III (1993).

The Bride (1985) + Frankenhooker (1990)

A mad double-bill of female reimagings of Frankenstein: The Bride (1985) and Frankehooker (1990).

Aliens (1986)

We deep-dive into Aliens (1986), one of the most acclaimed and beloved sci-fi horror films of all-time.

Host (2020)

A bonus episode discussing the brand new Zoom-horror Host.

Cat People (1982) + Vamp (1986)

A double-bill of 1980s monsters: Paul Schrader's erotic horror Cat People (1982) and the horror comedy Vamp (1986), with a knock out performance by Grace Jones.

The Brood (1979)

An in depth discussion about the themes of motherhood, pregnancy, divorce and the monstrous feminine in David Cronenberg's The Brood (1979).

Carrie (1976)

A deep dive into the iconic adaptation of Carrie, a bullied teenage girl who discovers she has telekinetic powers.

Cult of the Cobra (1955) + The Wasp Woman (1959)

A double-bill of she-creature features, the sultry Curse of the Cobra (1955) and exploitation The Wasp Woman (1959).

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) + Dracula's Daughter (1936)

A discussion about two sequels to two iconic horror monsters: Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula’s Daughter.

Island of Lost Souls (1932) + Cat People (1942)

We're back! In this first episode of our new season, we’ll be talking about a double-bill of Panther Women.

Introducing... Female Monsters

Introducing our second season, a journey through the monstrous feminine.

Top 13 Witches

To wrap our season on witches, Becky Darke joins Anna to rank their top 13 witches from film and TV.

I Married A Witch (1942) with Pamela Hutchinson

Anna is joined by film writer, critic and historian Pamela Hutchison to talk about the delightful 1942 comedy I Married A Witch, where screen icon Veronica Lake plays a playful sorceress.

Burn, Witch, Burn! (1962) with Ally Penelope

Anna is joined by horror fan and podcaster Ally Penelope to discuss the British witch horror Burn, Witch, Burn! aka Night of the Eagle, where a skeptical professor discovers that his wife dabbles in black magic.

The Woods (2006) with Louise Blain

Anna is joined by presenter, producer and podcaster Louise Blain for a deep dive into Lucky McKee's The Woods (2006), an atmospheric horror about a girls boarding school.

The Witches (1990) with Tara Judah

Anna is joined by Tara Judah to discuss the film that traumatised a generation, Nic Roeg's The Witches (1990).

Black Sunday (1960) with Beatrice Loayza

Anna is joined by film and culture writer Beatriz Loayza to discuss Mario Bava's atmospheric witch film Black Sunday, which sees a devious witch wreck havoc on her descendants from beyond the grave.

The Love Witch (2016) with Inkoo Kang

Anna is joined by The Hollywood Reporter's critic Inkoo Kang to discuss the stylish, witch drama-horror-satire The Love Witch.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) with Louise Blain

Anna is joined by presenter, producer and podcaster Louise Blain to discuss the supernatural chiller The Autopsy of Jane Doe, the power of rituals, and the creepiest bell sound ever.

The Final Girls