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Top 13 Witches

To wrap our season on witches, Becky Darke joins Anna to rank their top 13 witches from film and TV.

I Married A Witch (1942) with Pamela Hutchinson

Anna is joined by film writer, critic and historian Pamela Hutchison to talk about the delightful 1942 comedy I Married A Witch, where screen icon Veronica Lake plays a playful sorceress.

Burn, Witch, Burn! (1962) with Ally Penelope

Anna is joined by horror fan and podcaster Ally Penelope to discuss the British witch horror Burn, Witch, Burn! aka Night of the Eagle, where a skeptical professor discovers that his wife dabbles in black magic.

The Woods (2006) with Louise Blain

Anna is joined by presenter, producer and podcaster Louise Blain for a deep dive into Lucky McKee's The Woods (2006), an atmospheric horror about a girls boarding school.

The Witches (1990) with Tara Judah

Anna is joined by Tara Judah to discuss the film that traumatised a generation, Nic Roeg's The Witches (1990).

Black Sunday (1960) with Beatrice Loayza

Anna is joined by film and culture writer Beatriz Loayza to discuss Mario Bava's atmospheric witch film Black Sunday, which sees a devious witch wreck havoc on her descendants from beyond the grave.

The Love Witch (2016) with Inkoo Kang

Anna is joined by The Hollywood Reporter's critic Inkoo Kang to discuss the stylish, witch drama-horror-satire The Love Witch.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) with Louise Blain

Anna is joined by presenter, producer and podcaster Louise Blain to discuss the supernatural chiller The Autopsy of Jane Doe, the power of rituals, and the creepiest bell sound ever.

Suspiria (2018) with Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Anna is joined by film critic, writer and programmer Alexandra Heller-Nicholas to discuss Luca Guadagnino's take on Suspiria, his influences, inspirations and the dance horror of it all.

Season of the Witch (1973) with Rowena Alice

Anna is joined by broadcaster Rowena Alice Lewis to discuss the underseen George A. Romero occult drama, Season of the Witch (1973), its themes, characters and unexpected influence on The Craft.

BONUS • The Invisible Man (2020) + Interview with Leigh Whannell

A bonus episode about The Invisible Man (2020), an update on the classic H.G. Wells story with a distinctly modern twist, PLUS an interview with writer-director Leigh Whannell.

American Horror Story: Coven (2014) with Jen Handorf

Anna is joined by film producer Jen Handorf to dig into Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story: Coven, it's themes, inspirations and Stevie Nicks.

Little Joe (2020) + Interview with Emily Beecham

A bonus episode about the new film by director Jessica Hausner, the plant-based sci-fi horror Little Joe. Anna is joined by broadcaster Rowena Alice Lewis to discuss the film, followed by a special interview with lead actress Emily Beecham.

Practical Magic (1998) with Rhianna Dhillon

Anna is joined by film critic Rhianna Dhillon to discuss the romcom horror Practical Magic (1998), an extremely nineties mix of witch movie, supernatural horror and romantic comedy.

Suspiria (1977) & Inferno (1980) with Clarisse Loughrey

Anna is joined by The Independent's chief film critcic Clarisse Loughrey to discuss Dario Argento's witch horror classics, Suspiria (1977) and its follow-up, Inferno (1980).

Drag Me To Hell (2009) with Mary Wild

Anna is joined by podcaster Mary Wild to go in depth into Drag Me To Hell (2009), how it talks about ambition, taking up space, eating disorders, PornHub as curated by Barbara Creed and whether Mrs. Ganush is a witch or not.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2020) with Millicent Thomas

Anna is joined by film writer Millicent Thomas to discuss the newest season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, female solidarity, ambition in young women, erasure, the politics of Hell and the pretty boys that populate Greendale.

Hocus Pocus (1993) with Tara Judah and Thea Berry

Anna is joined by Watershed's Tara Judah and Thea Berry discuss the childhood favourite Hocus Pocus (1993), its adult appeal, the overwhelming Bette Midler-ness of Bette Midler and the exaggerated witchiness of the Sanderson sisters.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) with Nat Luurtsema

Anna is joined by BAFTA-nominated writer and director Nat Luurtsema to discuss the impact, legacy and witch credentials of found footage horror The Blair Witch Project (1999).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) with Becky Darke

Anna is joined by podcaster and Buffy connoisseur Becky Darke to discuss how witches are presented in the cult TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003). Expect a full sweep of the series, focusing on the witchcraft mythology and the evolution of the show’s main witch, Willow Rosenberg, who over the course of seven seasons transforms from a shy, studious girl into the most powerful witch in the Buffyverse.

The Witch (2015) with Chloë Wicks

Anna and filmmaker Chloë Wicks discuss The Witch, Robert Eggers' New England folk tale, how it pulls off the balance of realism and supernatural horror, the ambiguity in the characters, its feminist reclaiming, the different archetypes of the witch and the seductive voice of Black Phillip.

The Witches (1966) with Marion Gibson

Anna and Professor Marion Gibson discuss the underseen Hammer horror The Witches aka The Devil's Own, a sinister sister film to The Wicker Man starring Joan Fontaine as an uptight teacher discovering dark magic in a small English village.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987) with Isaura Barbé-Brown

Anna and actor Isaura Barbé-Brown discuss the horror comedy The Witches of Eastwick (1987). The episodes gets raunchy as they discuss aspirational witchcraft, accidental covens, repressed female sexuality, slut-shaming and an all the dick jokes in the film.

The Nightingale (2019) + Interview with Aisling Franciosi

We take a little detour from our witch series to bring you a bonus episode about the new film by director Jennifer Kent, The Nightingale, released in UK cinemas today. Anna interviews the lead actress, Aisling Franciosi, and is joined by Watershed's Cinema Producer Tara Judah to discuss the film.

The Skeleton Key (2005) with Kelli Weston

Anna and film critic Kelli Weston dive deeper than probably anyone ever has into The Skeleton Key (2005), a New Orleans set hoodoo horror film. They discuss the commendable attempts at tackling race, ideas of passing and double-speak, the genius of Gena Rowlands, hoodoo magic and the figure of the conjure woman.

Bell, Book and Candle (1958) with Becky Darke

Anna and podcaster Becky Darke debate the Hollywood classic Bell, Book and Candle (1958), the feline vibes of Kim Novak's witch, the aspirational 'cool witch' and why the witch must choose between power and love.

Maleficent (2014) with Rhianna Dhillon

Anna is joined by film critic and broadcaster Rhianna Dhillon to dive into the different versions of Maleficent, from the campy witch of Sleeping Beauty (1959) to the campy fairy witch, as portrayed by Angelina Jolie, in the live-action spin-off, Maleficent (2014).

The Craft (1996) with Ione Gamble

The Final Girls are joined by Ione Gamble to discuss witchcraft, teen girl politics, and why Nancy Downs remains a bastion of weirdness for teenage girls everywhere.

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